“So when I learned about Happy Period, I realized that I never thought about what homeless women do when they received their periods. So it was almost like a moment of conviction for me that I had overlooked in my life of volunteering and serving the community. So once I became involved with Happy Period, and learned about the lack of feminine hygiene products, and the lack of products that are given to and incarcerated women, it really just made me more passionate about providing the homeless, low income and living in poverty population with feminine hygiene products, because no one should go without something that's necessary. So that's really where my passion comes from. And making sure that Happy Period stands in the gap for shelters and agencies that support the homeless population.

How does that make you feel seeing all these volunteers packing up bags because of you?

“You know what is actually pretty amazing. I'm always nervous that no one will show up. Like from the beginning, on Sundays, I would like to wake up with a big pit in my stomach that no one will show up to help. And there hasn't been one single Sunday that no one has shown up. I mean, we may have had as few as 4, and as many as 24. But someone always shows up. So I'm just always kind of amped up people who don't necessarily have the time. I mean, we all we’re a big brunch city. So we would all rather be at brunch, but just to take out a couple of hours to help serve our community in a way that's so necessary. It's always just heartwarming for me. So I'm always so thankful and so grateful for that.”

What is it like to actually giving the bag to someone who is in need? 

“Oh my God, that's the best part. So when we go to the park, or we go to the shelters, and we give the bags out to the ladies there, there's always someone who's like, "Oh my god, a bar soap!!!", and with something that we take for granted like a bar of soap, someone's so appreciative of getting a bar soap and when the panties are pretty, they're like, "Oh, it's my favorite color". So just those small things, actually that's I call our soul work like because it's the things that keep us going that keep us inspired, to keep volunteer and giving when we get to actually see what something as simple as a feminine hygiene kit can do to someone who's in need.”

Coretta runs the DC chapter of @wearehappyperiod and she also just happens to be one of our favorite humans. If you are ever free on a Sunday morning in DC, check out @wearehappyperioddc for the latest details on how to volunteer!


Tara Pokras