"Sometimes I'll crave food nonstop. I just need something in my mouth. Then there are times I don't feel like eating—I just feel so gross at the thought of eating. I really don't like to eat cold things when I'm on my period because I feel like it makes my cramps worse. That is actually a weird Indian traditional thing my mom told me. She said, "Don't eat ice cream. Don't have ice. Don't have really cold chilled things when you are on your period because it is going to make your cramps worse." I'm not going to lie, for me, I don't know if it is a mental thing, but it does make my cramps worse. So I don't really have cold things when I'm on my period. Even though I'd want to have ice cream, I'll choose cookies instead or popcorn. I really love crunchy things like a bag of chips."

Tara Pokras