“I think it is really important for more people to talk about their abortions because one in three women have one, and the culture of silence around it is why it’s so difficult for so many women. I really did feel like after my abortion, getting my period again was a resurrection of sorts. I've never really talked about it openly, but I have no shame about it, so I figured this is a good place to start.

It's been such a fraught experience for me. After I did have my abortion I had intense anxiety about my period every time I got it. Every single month I was convinced that I was pregnant again and that I was gonna have to go through that again, but it's become very much a celebration and a reminder for me, that I chose to have an abortion because I believed that I had a lot to give to the world and I didn't have the capacity to bring a child and also give to the world the way that I want to. So every time that I get my period now I'm reminded of that commitment I made to myself and it's absolutely a beautiful motivator.”

If you go back and tell your younger self, any words of wisdom, is there anything that you would share with them?

“Definitely find beauty in the messy parts of your life because they will be the parts of your life that really fill it out and give it texture and meaning. And that includes periods.”


Tara Pokras