"I see these girls that I think are afraid to broach the subject with their healthcare provider to talk about what strategies that are out there to make this better. Does it make sense for you to being using such huge pads? Or could you switch to reusable pads if that is more comfortable for you? I also see a lot of parents that are like, “They don’t use tampons until they’re 20.” I think it is a combination of being afraid to explore their own body, and even the process of separating the labia is this very taboo thing...I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how can I talk to my patients and try to normalize this. You have a lot of different options. Your mom might not be the only person who has all information. Seek outside resources, seek varied experiences like a lot of things with health and your body. You are going to try a lot of different products, and you have to figure out what is right for you."

Tara Pokras